Did I screw it up?

Went for first date last week, let her know I had a great time and look foward to next meeting. She responded quickly and said she had a great time as well without mentioning next date.

I heard from grapevine that she is not interested. I waited for a week to contact her, tried to make some small talk by asking what is the latest thing on her blog.

her respond was go check out my blog to find out the answer,

I felt so embarssed, it sounded like I was lazy to check it before I text her?

Can I save it?


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  • It was a bad question to ask. Sounds totally lack of effort, you would be better off check out her blog then make some comments about it via text or call.

    I'm not sure if you could "save it" as she didn't respond to your next date...

    If you really want to you can try asking her out again directly without beating the bush, that way you know for sure. make a real move or move on.

    • Should I text her soon? or wait for a few days?

    • I don't see why a few days would make it better or worse. I would say sooner before she forgets who you are

    • I'm sure many guys like to meet her...

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  • Of course, you can.

    • How?

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    • @Ishtar He's got a better chance with this girl than winning the lottery.

    • From her respond I think both are fat chance

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