Guys, what your girlfriend does for you/valentine that makes you happy the most? What had your girlfriend done that you were impressive the most?

Valentine's coming, I would like to do or give something to my boyfriend, he's very nice but also a lot richer than me, so I really don't know what to buy for him as a Valentine's gift.
He has already booked dinner and hotel.

Now I've come out some options, I would also appreciate if anyone could give advice.

  • Handmade card & chocolate/dessert
    0% (0)20% (1)17% (1)Vote
  • Special sex service, dress hot and slut
    0% (0)40% (2)33% (2)Vote
  • Long letter
    0% (0)20% (1)17% (1)Vote
  • My god I have no more idea==
    100% (1)20% (1)33% (2)Vote
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