Am I am an inspiration for other non good looking people on here?

Am I an inspiration for you non good looking people on here that had no hope. Does soemone saying yes to going on a date with me for the first time ever inspire you to not lose hope that someone will eventually be ok with going on a date with you? By the way I am going on a second date with her. My first date ever went well yesterday.


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  • Not really... Not saying that she does, but she could look like shambles to every guy you want to inspire. It would just make them feel like their is no hope for getting with good looking women.

    • Well, those non good looking guys that are that way need to stop being being un realistic. And she is average looking, but I don't care. She is awesome. We are going on a second date soon. I used to chase only after good looking women before, but I stopped like three years ago cause I became realistic and also I started to admire the awesome non good looking women there are.

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  • Wow, congratulations dude! You have been so miserable around here, and this should be like a new lease of life for you! Wow!

    By the way, you're NOT bad looking. If you STILL keep telling yourself that you aren't good looking, the girl you're dating will probably sense it and it could spell trouble. At least now, be more confident about your looks. :)


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  • Can't tell if someone would be sad enough to take someone elses picture to do this, or if that outstanding person isn't here anymore and made another. Either way, bricks are better inspiration.

    • Wth are you talking about? My other account was deleted by the website and I made a new account. I have been talking to a girl for a while online and I asked her ''want to go on a date with me?"" And she said yes. We went out yesterday and we are going out again in the future.

    • I can only imagine why you got deleted.

    • Anyways, back to the point, the date was awesome and we are going to go out again.

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  • Nah dude, not an inspiration >_> going on a date is not necessarily something to draw inspiration from.

    • It is for some people who have no hope, and think they would be dateless for life. Even though nearly everyone eventually goes on a date and gets in a relationship, there are people that don't think that would happen.