I was just told by a friend that the girl I like is secretly a hoe. Should I even bother to continue now that I know this?

Before you go "why the hell are you even asking this? Of course not!" Hear me out. I've been screwed over enough times to know that with women if it's too go to be true, it almost always is. The girl that I like is single, hot, fun, smart, and nice. Call me paranoid, but that whole setup seems fishy to me. How does she posses all of these desirable traits, yet reman single with little attention from guys? I've never encountered or heard of a woman that possessed all of these traits and happend to be genuinely single without there being a catch. Usually she turns out to be lesbian, a hoe, she is secretly in a long distance relationship, or in very rare instances guys are just too intimidated to approach her. So I asked my friend about her, and she told me that one of her good friends says that this girl is the type of hoe that will cheat on her boyfriend when a better guy comes around (she has apparantly cheated on 5 guys) and that she expects to be treated like royalty on her first date. But this left me wondering if the source was inaccurate for whatever reason because this description doesn't match up with the girl I know AT ALL. My friend claims that her friend is an honest person that wouldn't lie and I've known my friend for years (actually dated her for 2 years) so I trust her. But should I take their word for it and stop the chase? Or keep going with these things in mind and not get my hopes up or expect anything unless proven wrong? Because there is that slight chance that the information wasn't true whether intentionally or not, but if it is then it means that this girl is the worst kind: the smart hoe that is two faced and pretends to be a nice girl just to lure in oblivious guys like myself.


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  • Go on a date ands then see what ur impression of her is.

    • True. That's what I'm thinking about.

    • I agree with Gracie. U don't know if ur friend made everything up or not. U should just use personal judgment.

  • I'm a girl so I'm say this in a girls perspective, with that being said... Your "friend" who just so happens to be someone you dated for two years probably made that up because she's maybe secretly still in love with you.
    As a girl I can honestly tell you it's never easy getting over an ex especially when he comes to you talking and asking about another female. If you really think that this girl you have a crush on is hot, fun, smart and nice then try to approach her yourself, get to know her and you will know for sure how you feel about her.

    • I have known my ex long enough to completely trust her she isn't your sterotypical lying girl who is immature and gets jelous easily. So trust me when I say that she is an honest person, because if she isn't, then I shouldn't place my trust in anyone. I can't necessarily vouche for her friend however, and the information could be unintentionally incorrect.

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  • Why feed her ego?

    • Because maybe I can have some fun, and maybe the information was incorrect. Either way I know not to invest in this girl unless proven wrong.

    • Good thinking