Did I end it in a really bad way?

Me and this guy were dating for a long time but I wasn't so happy with some of his shady actions such as dating two other girls although we were exclusive with dating each other. Thing is that towards the end he made a conclusion thinking that I didn't like him (I found out when I left) so instead of talking he turned me into a booty call. I wasn't happy with that so after two months with the booty calling I called the shots out of the blue. Maybe I should've put in a nicer way instead of I can't be your booty call bye. He had started seeing another girl anyway who by the way is his girlfriend now. I know that I hurt him and I feel super super super guilty, I feel like the bad guy because he really acts as if I have wronged him but it's not all my fault? He's really popular so I'm worried this might ruin my reputation.


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  • What exactly did you do wrong? If he was cheating on you, with 2 girls, any sort of dismissal bar punches seems fair to me. You were in a shit situation, then you left it, well done

  • Nah you were right. You care more about him then he cares about you... or even himself!


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