Should I give a single mom a chance?

So I was at hooters today and this very hot blonde waited on me and my friends. She is adorable. We had our food and had a great time. Afterwards, we all paid for our food she comes over to the table and hands me a napkin. Her number was on the napkin. I did ask her out but while doing so her 2 year old daughter came running up to her. She did tell me she had a daughter with her now ex-boyfriend when they were 20. He dumped her while she was pregnant. I normally don't date mom's but she is beautiful, smart, goes to school, and works. Is it worth it?


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  • If you are both attracted to each other, then I would say go ahead and give it a shot. The worst thing that could happen is that it doesn't work out. Just make sure you're okay with her having a kid, and make sure to include her kid in some activities. That's what really wins the mom's heart.


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  • Get used to it the women at the age you're getting into now are all going to have kids