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We planned a date, but I haven't heard from him yet?

I'm supposed to have a date with this guy either tonight or tomorrow night ...he was in and out of the city till this morning so he said that he... Show More

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  • Don't message him at all. If this guy really wants to go out with you, he would more than likely message you first. If you act like you don't care (and he does really want to go out with you) than he will put forth the effort for you. Remember, people want what they can't have and if you make yourself too availble, than you might lose him. Just for clarification, who asked out who first?

    • He asked me out. We've been friends for a while and we've hung out before but he asked me to go for dinner and a movie...like a "real date" is what said

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    • Just thought id update you and let you know that I did text him and it turns out that he msged me this morning but I never got it...anyway we're going out friday night! Thanks for the help :)

    • Congrats! :)

  • I think you should message him. "Not messaging a guy, because I wanted him to message me first," sounds like something that I would have done in high school. You both are aware that you like each other, and all you want to know is whether or not the plans are still on. That does not seem desperate to me at all. Yes, if he really wants to hang out with you tomorrow he would message you, but you really want to hang out with him too, and someone has to message somebody, so why can't that person be you?

    It only starts looking desperate if you message him about 3 times and he never gets back to you as you continue to message him even more. But right now, being up front and asking him a mere question of seeing each other tomorrow is no way, shape, or for considered desperate.

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