What does it mean when he doesn't have her as a friend on facebook?

It's my ex. I aso know fb isn't everything. He's seeing someone new probably for about 3 months now and I did some snooping. Well it seems he's in love with her since he posts all this stuff about her on his instagram, only thing I notice is he's friends with her brother on fb but not her? When we made it official he posted it on fb like right there when I said okay let's date. Only thing I can think of is he was talking about making things work with me and also talking to his other ex at the same time then boom out of nowhere he's in love with someone else. So is he hiding it for now?


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  • he seems like a player, who is hoodwinking several girls at once.


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  • Guys, though they won't admit it, hold that facebook status very importantly. He might be posting public on instagram to make you jealous and elicit a response. Usually though, if she's on facebook, they make that official. If they're really into her that is. IF she's not on facebook, then this wouldn't apply.