How do you trust someone after getting burned in past relationships?

I trust my guy, I really do. But there's paranoia in the back of my head where I always end up comparing him to the last guy, who cheated on me, lied constantly, screwed me over. I don't want to feel this way and, while so far I haven't said anything to him, it isn't fair to him. But how do you trust anyone again after someone has done this to you?


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  • Trust can only be build up and over time. No one trusts anyone straight away this is a good protective mechanism we all have in us.. it will be the little caring things he does for you the gradual increase in time spent in each other's company.


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  • Trusting people is one of the hardest challenges in life, especially if you've been betrayed in the past by someone you trusted. Betrayal is one of the most painful experiences to face.

    Love never comes with a guarantee. No one can guarantee they'll never hurt you. All you can do is trust your boyfriend until he gives you a reason not to trust him Try not to focus on what could go wrong and focus on what could go right. Try to only focus on the "here & now". You can only be happy if you love like you'll never be hurt. It is a challenge , but possible to do.

    Your ex boyfriend obviously didn't value loyalty. If you can't learn to trust your boyfriend , then you'd be making him pay for a mistake which he never made. Judge him based on his own character not your exes. Don't allow your ex to have so much control over your future happiness. 💗🌹


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  • Once you have been hurt, it often leaves scars that never fully heal. The scars may fade in time, but I believe that once you have those scars they will never truly go away. It is similar to the death of a loved one. You eventually move on, but the pain is always going to be a part of you.


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