What Should this girl do?

What does a person do when their long term boyfriend kicks them out and been calling them names and a liar but the girl is still trying to hold onto their relationship because Its such a long relationship she has ever had? The girl hearts so much and wants to cry but its not the first time he has kicked her out and she had alway gone back to him, He has hit her a few times and called her names but they were all lies. She didn't go out unless it was to work or taking his daughter places or go shopping for food never going anywhere else. Never going outside to just enjoy the sun or the weather. Stopped talking to her family. What should happen? Should she stay away from him or stay because she loves him? He had treat her right for a few months and that is what she held onto.


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  • The guy is just stupid and he doesn't realize the value of the woman he has in his life, he doesn't realize how much the woman loves him and that's the guy's fault. The guy doesn't know how much the woman has sacrificed to be with him and is willing to do that also.

    Logically speaking the woman should break up with him, because such a woman should be treasured and valued, she should be treated like a queen and not like how the guy is treating her.

    She definitely deserves better. I mean the length of the relationship has nothing to do with this


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  • I don't think that just because it's the longest relationship you've had justifies the reason to stay, if someone is treating you badly, and not how you deserve then you leave. Years don't matter, if its something that is common doesn't mean it won't happen again, she's just setting herself up for failure and delaying herself to potentially be happy again. Ofcourse she should fucking leave, she needs to live for herself