Stop ignoring boyfriend when mad?

My ex boyfriend and I are trying to fix our relationship. He is working on himself and I am working on myself (to better the relationship). One of the things he wants me to work on his (when I get angry I pushing away/isolate myself/ignore him). I really want to change this about myself, but don't know how?

But we are not in a relationship. We are just seeing each other once a week, nothing serious... yet


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  • Okay, you mentioned the word ex and you said both of you are working on yourselves, so what is the problem then? you can go for some counselling or some anger management classes, can't you? or is it not possible for you to do that?


What Girls Said 1

  • Well why do you push him away when you get angry? If someone did this to me every time they got angry at me, I'd find it extremely frustrating because you have to communicate in order to move forward as a couple.. Well actually in any relationship. Communication is the key but I'm sure you already know that. Instead of isolating yourself and pushing him away, let him help you and tell him exactly why you are angry.