Should I ask him if we are just friends or more than friends?

We have been doing what ever this is for about a year and counting. As our friend ship has grown and we have gotten closer our convrsations have grown a little dirty (which neither one of us minds) and I know that he just does not want to bang me and move on we truly care about each other. How we have been acting and talking can no longer be conciderd just friends. I need to know where we stand are we just friends or more than friends and what is this whole thing between us? How do i go about asking him this?

We are getting together this weekend to meet up. This will be the first time that we will be together after a long time . How should I go about this? Don't want to just ask him what we are at the wrong time and ruin the whole evening. He is coming over to watch movies and chill.(will have the whole house to our selves all weekend).

What do I wear? don't want to over dress or under dress for the night. Help!!


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  • Just ask him, don't do it like you have expectations, but tell him how you feel and ask him what he's thinking. I mean I'd prefer to just asked no bullshit. Instead of dancing around it.

    • I want to ask him but he is being difficult about it. after we talk he always goes silent for about a day or two and it drives me crazy! I know how he feels towards me and he knows how I feel towards him. Just want to know where we stand in all this and know what the hell we are!

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    • Ask him if he wants to do anything to clarify or if he wants to move on. I think anyway. If he doesn't wanna clarify or talk about the problem that's keeping you apart then you might have to just move on. His loss.

    • That helps a lot. Don't want to loose him but I deserve better. I believe? hope it works out...

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  • Ask exactly like you explained to us

  • Yes, you should ask him


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  • Yes. You need to ask him where you stand.