Was he a fuck boy and how do I get over it? (would add more info but no characters left)?

We always had a connection but I always had a boyfriend he really used to like me and told me he always has. we started "talking" in November when me&my boyfriend broke up and he told me how if we date hed want to end up marrying me cause he's never felt this for anyone everytime Id ask him to hang out hed be busy or say yes but then the day of come up with a reason he couldnt Id still talk to him&we would get into sexting. when I asked him about getting in a relationship he said he can't bc he can't handle it&needed time for his job friends&family. wed still talk but after he blew me off 15 times I stopped txting him first so wed talk every few days. yesterday he txted me and was mad bc I added his cute friend on FB&got mad bc he saw I cut my exs hair before xmas&he accused me of texting him all the time and hanging out w/ him when I dont. I went off on him about how if I did it shouldn't matter because he doesn't want a relationship&also brought up how he sent me a dick pic from June (I saw the date when I saved it) bc I thought it was f'd up then he brought up how he doesn't wanna be with me if he can't give me 100%but we'd always be friends. I went on FB and he blocked me but his status said "I have a great job, my own car, yet females still wanna mess around with immature guys. I've been single for 4 years, give ya boy a chance' and then the comments saying how he's tired of waiting for the right girl to come along. I've been telling him I want a relationship! here's a pic of what he sent
Was he a fuck boy and how do I get over it? (would add more info but no characters left)?

***Me and Matt have been friends for 6 years and he's been known to talk to a lot of girls

and by texting and hanging out with "him" I'm referring to my ex.
sorry again but also when I said he shouldn't be mad because he doesn't want a relationship, I mean Matt doesn't want a relationship (not my ex) sorry! I don't have enough space to explain everything.


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  • I didn't read his texts and I don't know what a fuck boy is but he sounds like a whiny loser. I don't know why you would even wonder if there's something else to this than he's CRAZY. Sounds like a whiny possessive dipshit who needs to fish for someone else's approval. He'll be asking you to pump him up forever if you keep him around. I say laugh at him to his face to make him feel bad them forget him. Or just forget him.


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