WTF I Need Help Please?

Started dating this girl 2 weeks after her break up of 3 years with her ex. We started talking in Nov but she left twice between Nov and Dec to go back with her ex. She finally settle down 12/26 and became a couple.

everything has been good. She tells me how much she loves me and different I am, and a bunch more.

Last night I seen she called her ex twice, and wrote him out a 2 page text about how "happy she was with out him", but as I go deeper into her text she started saying "idk who I am anymore, I just feel so lost she feels so drained".

wtf I'm lost


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  • she still need some time to heal, i think you are consolation price for the guy and she wants to make him jealous.

    At times its really hard for a girl to move on, especial if the relationship lasted that long, they probably had dreams together, that's why now she feels like she is lost cuz you guys are still on the ground level of building the relationship, set back little, watch her, she will come around if she wants to with you, at sometime, she will return to the guy if you fail to appreciate her.

  • You shouldn't be going through your girlfriend's texts. You wouldn't want her to go through yourmpersonal stuff.

  • Seems like she misses her ex i would dump her