Is my crush just not interested in me?

I'm in senior year of high school and this is also my second year of having a crush on a guy - who is also my cousins friend. Also want to highlight that we hardly speak and have no lessons together. Although last year he showed some interest and flirted subtly.

I realised that this was senior year so it was finally time to do something!
I've made it crystal clear to him that I like him now - a mutual friend gave him some obvious hints too.
I tried to approach him with my mutual friend so that I could talk to him but he acted so weird around me! He made no eye contact and escaped the situation. I know he doesn't hate me and last year he told my friend that he thinks I'm pretty... so why did he treat me like this? I also catch him looking at me sometimes but he'll look away instantly.

I dont know know what to do. He knows I like him and I've tried to initiate a conversation with him... is he just not interested? And should I just leave him? I feel so pathetic like I'm 12 :(


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