What is your dream boyfriend/ girlfriend?

In terms of looks, personality, hobbies and job?


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  • A respectful, responsible loyal guy that has a good sense of humor and good sense of adventure. Has some things in common at least, but can have his own interests, and he gives me space once in a while. If he is understanding, patient and kind, that would be great.

    I would like him to have ambition in life, and be happy in whatever career he chose. I'd like it if he enjoyed taking little mini vacations over the weekend to explore a new part of town, or a new town entirely. It's not necessary, but I think it'd be cool if he could work with his hands - fixing motorcycles/cars, other things around the house or building things like a carpenter.

    Looks, I'm not too bothered. Skinny, chubby or anything in between is fine as long as he isn't obese. I enjoy fitness and eating right (he doesn't have to eat what I eat), but if he liked to walk or cycle with me, that would be fun.


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  • She cooks me bacon for a surprise breakfast. That's the definition of true love.


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  • HANDSOME AF, tall, hilarious, cuddly, sweet, likes dancing