Is he still playing games or he truly have feelings for me?

i always been the one who rejected guys cause they were only interested on doing things with me or somethings like that or when i don't share theire feelings but since i met this boy he's a player and a fuckboy but sometimes he's a good person with a big heart so he knew i was super into him so he was like holding me all the time kissing me even when i don't expected asking me about my life family interests... and when we see each other we smile like idiots but once when i was huging another boy he said OUT LOUDE "remember when i kissed you whever i wanted and..." (maybe it was jealousy maybe he was showing off) but he never ask me to date him or anything it just ended ;nearly 2years later (we didn't intend the same high school ) i saw him and we smiled at each others he said he missed me so RE-felt in love with him pls i need advice i'm so comfused


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  • You stated " i met this boy he's a player" so it's highly likely that he is playing you. If you feel you are being played, then you probably are.

    • but what if he changed?

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    • you are very welcome.

      Sometimes when you love someone you just have to take that leap of faith and go for it.. I do hope it turns out okay for you. If not, then at least you know you have tried. It is better to try and regret it , than do never try at all, and regret what might have been xx

    • Thanks for the MHO ♥


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  • He is playing with you most likely. People don't change especially at your age.

    • (he's older than me ) yeah maybe but i will try and if it end badly it's just how supposed to be.

  • what do you have against using a period?


  • just steak around with each other and have love.

    • i hope so but things get better these days with him.

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    • i hope you found it and i think this guy is my soulmate.

    • then go to him and be together

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