Does this count as a date?

So my girlfriend has a 7 year old son and he has a basketball game at his elementary school tommorow evening. She wants me to come with her and told me "she will make it worth my while." Does this count as a date?


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  • I'd consider that a date.


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  • More like, "I want you to bond and support my child with me." Making it worth your while was only an incentive. Dating single mothers can be a problem for most, but for those courageous enough to step into this kinda relationship also have to put her child in the picture because no matter what her child's best interest will always be on top of her priority list. If you can manage to understand that dating her with that "extra baggage" in mind, you will make her love you so much more. Remember by being in this kind of relationship, you became an instant daddy. So congratulations. It'll be a long and hard road, but the kid is still young, so if you can see yourself with her in the far future, create a strong bond with her son, who in turn, will look at you as the father figure.

    • The dad passed away a few years ago I'll be there for her and her kid.