How can I get a date?

the question kind of sums it up


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  • So I don't know why can't you get a date or where are you trying to get a date from but this is my personal experience.

    If you're still I school, it is he bet place to get a date from,

    Do what I did, I was extremely shy back in high school, and I used to like a girl, I knew she liked me too but I think she was waiting for me to ask her out, anyways I was extremely shy specially around her, so I asked my best friend to kind let her know that I wanted to go out with her, and she said yes, and we talked a lot and everyhing, and we now have a little more than one year as a couple. I stopped bein shy around her like a few week after we started going out, now I see no point for being shy.

    I personally don't recommend online dating sites (I don't know I just don't trust them, plus you have to pay a fee) but if you are dating online make sure the person you are talking to has a webcam, or lots of pictures of him, plus friends like on MySpace and Facebook of friends from school, cause you know sometimes people are not who they appear to be.

    GOOD LUCK! & take care.


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  • It's a fairly uncomplicated process:

    First you find a guy you'd like to go on a date with, then you ask him out on one.


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  • Stand out from other females