I find impossible to hold my relationship for longer period. what will be the problem?

Sometimes i wanted to stay in long term relationship but i dont know why i became uninterested after a while. any suggestion?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Because they obviously weren't the girl for you. One will come along.

  • Umm, maybe actually get to know the person before you start a relationship, don't rush into a relationship, give each other space from time to time, make dates interesting, don't be looking for other women, or all of the above?

    • hmmm thanks a lot most of the time i am so rush...

    • Find someone who likes the things you do, someone who doesn't catch your eye as soon as you walk into the room, and someone who you can be yourself around. If she feels the same way, then your relationship will hopefully be longer

    • yeah that will be great idea... let me try to find that kind of girl.

What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe just need to find a girl who has more interests in common? The pure sexual attraction usually fades a bit after a while even if you're with a girl who looks like a supermodel, after you've seen her naked for the 10,000th time.

    There usually needs to be something more for an LTR, like you guys have to just have an incredible amount of fun together, like you can just go to a boring place and still make it fun and interesting somehow (through conversation, physically playing, etc).

    It gets boring otherwise, and if you're uncomfortable with boring, then you'll want to find excitement all over again with a new girl.