Guys, I really need advise from you guys. So please hear me out?

So, one day I was really sad and depressed and wanted to give up on my friends, family and basically stop interacting with people. Including the guy I like (who likes me back). So I told him that I wanted to move on, but now I realize I was lying. I take back what I said and I saud that because I was depressed you know? But now im not sad anymore and I want to keep on trying. But I feel like he might find it weird, or think that im fucking around but im not.. and I don't know what to say to him.


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  • A very useful skill to have, in any relationship, is learning to admit your mistakes. It's really all you can do in this case. Tell him the truth, that you were going through a rough patch etc etc and that you made a mistake.

    There's no guarantee he'll take you back, but at least you'll be honest. You cannot learn from a mistake until you own up to it, in my opinion.

    • Thanks you're right. Im thinking on telling him tomorrow.


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  • Sounds like you should address your own depression and whatever issues are going on in your home life / personal life before worrying about relationships. Get yourself to a more stable place first, then worry about winning him back.