Why is it so hard to delete a guy who just strings you along?

I'm stronger than I've ever been, but I feel like I make excuses for people. My co-worker set me up with her guy friend and I tried to keep an open, optimistic mind. However, his texts turned into Snapchats, and his promises of taking me out after the holidays turned into a Snap once a week, only to ignore me once I snapped something back. Grant it, he's a successful man, but I just can't seem to delete him and forever sever that connection, even if he doesn't treat me the way a lady should be treated. I've just filed him under "not a serious guy" and realized he will never step up and actually take me out, seeing our exchanges as time-wasters. So, why is it so hard to just hit the delete button and close the door on his occasional Snaps when they're not benefiting me at all?


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