How do I forget about him without deleting from social media?

I have a crush on this really hot guy since like 2 years ago but he attends school in a different provinces 😥. Anyway he has a girlfriend 💔 who is beyond beautiful. She has the face and the bod. Not sure about her personality but she looks like a biatch but I'm not here to judge her.

I know he likes me as well coz that's what people has been telling me.

But I'm tired of waiting on him. I need to move on a forget about him but how do I without removing him from social media. Coz that will be obvious

I'm desperate please how can I forgeta about him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • You don't, just delete him. Keeping him on there with the current situation is just torture, trust me.

    I made the mistake of keeping a girl I dated as facebook friends who used me as a rebound only for her to go back to the same ex she complained about. All that did was delay the recovery process and keep me in a bad mood. You are torturing yourself when you do that, trust me.


What Girls Said 2

  • i believe that is impossible because social media is a way u will continue to remember his existence. he has a girl, and he must be happy with her. don't u sit there saying what u think she 'looks' like, because u don't know her.

    just because people tell u things, doesn't mean u should believe them, even if u really want to. until he can tell u he likes u, u shouldn't fall into false hopes. that applies to many other areas of life hun.

    forgetting about him doesn't mean u have to cut him off, but it just means u should try to forget about yourselves as being together. the less u look for love, the faster it finds u. that's what I've always believed.

  • So be obvious there's nothing wrong with avoiding painful stimuli I mean seriously? Delete that's it don't hurt yourself on purpose there's always going to be some douche bag that'll make it there life's work to rain on your parade don't do it to yourself. Delete retreat eat Haggai dass you will be ok.