How do I tell my parents about my new boyfriend and what do I do when they won't let me out to see him much or let him come round?

I'm not close with my parents I find it very awkward talking about this sort of thing with them. It's not that they don't approve of me dating I'm 16 and doing alevels and my dad is very focused on my grades and future and doesn't let me out much to see my friends as it is. And my boyfriend lives about an hour away and it costs him quite a lot to come see me and he's always asking to come round mine but my parents would never allow it. How do I tell my parents about him and what can I say to convince them to let me see him more?


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  • Tell them he's a friend... leave out the "boy" part from the beginning. They'll eventually catch on, but this way they can maybe get to know him a little and (hopefully) start to like / trust him.
    And keep your grades up, don't let them slip for any reason, otherwise they'll probably blame him / the relationship.


What Girls Said 1

  • Just tell your parents you've decide to date someone, but it's not going to change your dedication to school because he lives far away. Tell them that he lives an hour away, and would appreciate if you could hang out at home when you're free