What does it mean when a guy holds ur hand while ur sleep and always puts his arm around her... but they are not officially together?

Well I'm with this guy we have been talking for like 3 months now.. I am 20and he is 25 When I spend the night with him we hold hands while we sleep and he just does it i dont have to ask him or anything and he always puts his arm around me.. don't get me wrong I love it I'm just curious cuz my ex and the only other guy I was with we didn't sleep no where near as close and together as this.. I wanna know what this means when guys do it

We can hang out and talk like best friends and its never all about sex and he cooks for me and I'm gonna ask him about if we are together or not


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  • It means he really likes you. Mabe even love.

    • I know he really like me cuz he tells me everything and we hang out and chill like bestfriends he never ask me for anything but to come over or he comes to my place and we hang out talk watch movies and play around he doesn't make everything about sex either so I don't know

    • Boyfriend him up!


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  • I think he loves you that's why he hasn't decided to talk about it. or at least he likes you and feels very comfortable with you

  • All you are is a hookup. If you aren't official by now then he's not interested in making it official. You are just someone who he can have all the time without making you his girl friend. Don't read too much into it