Should I do it?

I was dating my best friend cousi and for some reason he stop contacting me. Well she told me that he thought over our situation and relized how it can be a bad idea to be with me since i'm her best friend. She say he still likes me and all, but he's just unsure. In a way , I was thinking about moving on, but people been telling me to just try to communicate with him. Can you help me with this?


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    I would let it go. I don't like being the chaser. Also the way he broke it off by just not contacting you was childish and idiotic.

    • Well the thing is we never got serious, it was hanging out and getting to know each other. All the sudden there's no contact.

  • What does your friend say about all of this?

    • She thinks I should contact him before I decided to just drop him out of no where. She wants me to give it another try.

    • Then by all means go ahead.

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  • If your friend is okay with you dating him, then I imagine that he is simply using that as an excuse because he is uncertain of his feelings about you.