Guys help out, please?

So I have weird situation with two guys (p. s high schoolers) . problem is between Jeff (my crush ) and Peter (crush's best friend)
1. Jeff (crush) is shy gives subltle hints stares and asked to hang out once and greets
2. peter (crush's bff) is obvious flirting hard got my number , teases , walks me down hall
... so my confusion is
1. does peter not know Jeff likes. Me
2. is peter being friendly to get Jeff and me together
3. Peter is backstabbing Jeff
4. Jeff doesn't like me
5. they're both seeing who gets me first
... or any other reason post it pls

  • Peter (crush's bff) doesn't know Jeff (crush) likes you
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  • Peter's (crush bff) way of being friendly to get us together
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  • Peter (crush bff) backstabbing Jeff (crush)
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  • Jeff (crush) doesn't like you after all
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  • They're seeing who gets you first
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  • They both maybe can be seeing who can get you first. Are all you guys in the same class together? Maybe they both happen to be into you at the same time.

    • Yeah we in same class

    • Thank you very much for the upvote. I think they both are competing for you since all you guys are in the same class together.

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