Guys, My boyfriend and I are from different social backgrounds- can this relationship work?

I love my boyfriend, and he loves me, and we are best friends. The problem is that although our fundamental beliefs and core are the same, we come from different cultural and social backgrounds. I am considered the 'quirky studious asian', whilst he is the 'white stereotypical jock'. This really weighs on me, as although alone we have so much fun, it is harder to integrate into each others lives due to the sheer difference in our backgrounds. Whilst he is sociable and gets on with my friends, I feel very nervous when I am around his friends. He understands this and so doesn't really expect me to go with him to his friends events.

I'm wondering if this type of relationship can ever work? Or how I can work on this issue? In the back of my mind, I'm worried that he will realise this and want a girl who is more compatible with him on a social level- a white athletic girl who his friends will accept. On a spiritual level however, I know that we are soild.


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  • Don't over think or over analyze the situation. Yes it can work. I think he likes and cares for you and accepts you for who you are. They say opposites attract and can work out.

  • Yes it can