Is it wrong for me not to want my friend to talk to/flirt with someone I had a one night stand with?

I;m in college and had a one night stand right before Christmas break. I just got back and went out with my friends and one of them started dancing with the boy I hooked up with and now theyre texting and flirting with each other. I feel irrationally jealous and so confused. I know it was a one time thing and that I have no claim on him but it still makes me upset that a FRIEND is potentially about to get involved with him. She doesn't know I hooked up with him and I dont even know if I should tell her. PLEASE HELP ME


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  • That is a tough one. I would tell her that you hook up with him. But if you did tell her she might gosip and tell other people about it. It's tough to see her flirting and texting with him. I would tell her to let her know that way if she hooked up with him then at least she would know.


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  • That is not normal. You cannot demand anything of such sorts from her. It was only a one night stand and nothing more. You have no claim on him. However, you can simply mention to her that you hooked up with him and the whole situation is making you feel awkward. Hopefully, she will understand.