Guys, read details down below... What Do you think I should do?

My boyfriend and I always chat on facebook.. But I'm always the first one to message him :/ So on Saturday I messaged him and we had a little conversation.. But then.. He doesn't reply.. It says seen below.. and now today... He still didn't message me and he was online 5 mins ago :( What should I do :( I dont want to seem desperate or seem annoying.. :( Please help me?


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  • He was busy or tired when he read it. I read msgs sometimes out of curiosity then get back to them later cause I was too tired or busy with something else.

    • My message was 5 days ago.. And he hasn't messaged me ever since :/ And he was online just an hour ago..

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    • Thank you so much

    • You're welcome :) Hope it works out.

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  • I have gone through this same thing and have to remind myself not to freak out. There could be a million reasons he's not writing you back, not to mention guys aren't into texting as much as girls. Is he acting fine in person? If it continues and it really bothers you or you feel he isn't respecting you, then bring it up, but don't act like you are accusing him or attacking him. Ask him about it casually. Chances are he doesn't even realize he's doing it or that it's a big deal. Guys are NOT mind readers and they don't get hung up on little things like we do. :)

  • He's probably busy.

    • The message he didn't reply to was 5 days ago.. hasn't messaged me ever since.. And he was online just an hour ago