Why do I get so mad when I see couples?

Like it hurts you so bad inside that you actually start feeling physically sick


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  • well are you into someone?

    • Not attractive enough

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    • im considered 'attractive' and only had one serious relationship.
      so what? these days people are shallow and don't really know what they want. but I guaruntee if you do and do things you love you will meet people who love what you love and go from there instead of feeling bad for yourself inside the house!!

    • I can I see a pic of you

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  • This might not be what you want to hear but why not just be happy for them? They're happy, you want that happiness... just be glad that some people have found it and in the meantime just find other ways to stay content until you find your own special person.

    • How can I be happy for them when I will never experience that

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    • Those people are just mean and want to bring other people down!

    • No its true

  • Are you jealous maybe?

    • Well I'm not attractive enough to get anyyone

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    • This will always affect me

    • I don't know what to tell you other than learn to be happy with yourself.

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