Advice please! Is this bad?

I just love the feeling of loving someone and in turn someone loving and wanting me. I'm confident in myself and love myself but I always feel like I'm yearning for my partner in crime... Is that bad? Does anyone else experience it? I mean of course I spend time working on myself and focusing on me and avoiding serial relationships but I still know I miss having someone to go home to at night or having someone who genuinely cares about me and their future, my future, and our future.


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  • i didn't know how to describe my hurt until you wrote that and that pretty much perfectly explains it, I've never had someone like me or have a crush on me ans seeing girls blush to other guys and get nervous talking to them and experiencing all the cute crush things is all i want... having someone who actually cares for you as you do to them and so you can share stories and experiences together and ofc having sex the way you both like it... i can only dream! ^.^


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  • Security at its Best from the Rest, @Itsjustkeyitsme
    There is Nothing wrong in what you have said here, dear. And with Looking for 'My partner in crime' all of the time, Someday the Right One will come along where you Both... Fight the world Together, hand in hand, especially now, in bad Days... And These days.
    Good luck. xx


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  • If it's bad I don't wanna be good.

    • I guess I mean always yearning and watching others and feeling a bit of envy... Because no it may not be perfect but they have each other and they are happy.(my close friends that is)

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