Should I ask her out or no?

So I have been talking with this girl that I go to school with. We started over winter break. We have the same group of friends and she goes home with one of our friends. She jokes about that we are going to fight. It's been a running thing for the past week. I don't know what to do, ask her out because I know the friend she goes home with won't ask her out. I don't know if she is interested in me or what. What are your thoughts?

I think I'm going to do it tomorrow. The guy she also goes home with is a freshman and she is graduating this semester too. Just doesn't make sense to me but it's college right. I figure ask her out and have her meet at my place and maybe cook some dinner and talk. I'm not that Netflix and chill kinda guy.


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  • I say try it! Or plan a hang out with more people and the whole time hang out with her. :)


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  • You should ask her out!
    If you're nervous, you could confide in a friend and ask if they would be able to ask the girl how she feels about you; however, she may or may not be honest. I think it is worth taking a chance tho :)


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  • Yes, ask her out. What's the worst that cand happen? I mean, if you like her, obviously.