Meeting Him For The First Time?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 months. We met in a very weird, unusual way. If you want me to tell you how we met just ask. Lol I don't really feel like sliding that in right now. But, he is auditioning for the voice and I told him I would come and support him at Navy Pier. He lives in Illinois, I live in Wisconsin. I used to live where he lived and go to the same school but we never noticed each other until a few months after I moved. Any who this will be our first time meeting. He has already told me he's nervous and I am too. And to make matters worse my sister will be with. Any tips or anything to not make this weird? I'm excited but so nervous. Help? Lol


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  • Just be yourself and you will be fine. The most awkward part will be the beginning, so I would suggest pre-determining some activity to do when you meet... for example "go up the Sears Tower" or something like that.


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