How long should I talk to a college classmate before asking for her number or a date and which one should I ask for first?

I met this girl in my college English class, which started last week, classes are Tuesday and Thursday, and I've talked to her on the first day last Thursday and today.

She seems interested and I want to ask her out but we've only talked the two class days and I'm not sure if that is too early to ask her to go on a date.

Should I ask for her number first to get to know her a little better or should I just go for it?


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  • Go for it soon... if you wait too long it'll be weird!


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  • I say wait a little, 1 week is too early in my opinion. Maybe next week u can mention exchanging numbers for class purposes but don't walk into date territory yet. Build up a text rapport first. Also be 110% sure she doesn't have a boyfriend. She may just be being friendly and there's nothing wrong with that.