I can't imagine anyone having a crush on me... Why is that?

I'm actually quite confident in myself, and my family and friends say I'm really pretty (of course I had my flaws, everyone does, but in general)... But I can't imagine anyone crushing on me, or loving me. I can't imagine someone waking up and immediately being happy at the thought of me, or having me on their mind while in bed at night. I can't imagine anyone telling their friends about me and calling me "beautiful" or "just amazing", or anything.

I'm a 13 year old girl, have never dated, haven't even had a first kiss... I'm sure I'm heterosexual, too. But believe me, though... I have my fantasies. I was just wondering why I can't imagine this. Anyone know why, or feel the same way, so that I know I'm not alone?


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  • I used to think that way. But I think you're still really young and you're still discovering this whole "love thing". You think that way now but someone out there will come up to you and ask you for your number or tell you that they think your pretty. You'll start getting used to the idea that people ARE attracted to you and then it'll sink in. Once you have your first kiss, and your first date you'll start to understand what feeling "in love" is like and hopefully you'll get some guy that will treat you with respect and want to go out with you.


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  • Well there is nothing wrong here, I would say it's quite normal to think like that. It could mean that you know yourself very well and you are confident that no one can have a crush on you.

  • It's OK you are just 13.. At that age you don't needto think about love

    • Thank you, but other girls my age are really obsessing about it... While I'm just sitting back, reading, and working in passing, instead of attracting attention.

    • Well I think everyone is Different.. That's why other girls are obsessed... And you are not

    • That's understandable.

  • Write back in 5 years if your situation is still the same.

  • It is all a little confusing. Especially when you realize that someone else is spending so much of their conscious (and unconscious!) time thinking and fantasizing about you and them.

    It still happens.
    And I dare say it will almost certainly happen to you too.

    I've gotten to the point where I get that people can love and have a crush on me. Still trying to come to grips with being most of someone's world. You're doing fine if you're already making this progress at 13.


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