If you're on drugs/ drunk the majority of time you're with you significant other, you're not in a real relationship. What do you think?

Because you'd be in an altered state 90% of the time. What's your view?


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  • I think it varies like if you both like something its just a common thing that you both like which can be a step of the relationship. As it it might not be a good one but its a relationship never-less unless the relationship last no more than 5 days.

    Most importantly is how the partner feels, if he or she feels that its a real relationship despite there on drugs/drunk the majority of the time, then its a real relationship.

    • Hm, I like your answer! I guess you're right in saying it depends how they feel even though it's not a healthy relationship it's just common ground.

      I don't believe it does purely count as how can you be yourself if your like this.


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  • That's confusing


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  • Meh, I myself don't do any drugs except for drinking, my first boyfriend smoked pot ALL the time, met him like that and it ended with him like that, oddly enough he was very coherent and even more active when he did smoke. If he didn't begin his day smoking he'd be very lazy etc.