Asked a girl out, said she already had plans with her friends but maybe next week?

I took it as a rejection that maybe she was trying to let me down easy. Just so you know I asked this girl out 6 months ago and she told me she was busy, yet she never told me let's try it next week. Anyways, She asked and I told her what I was gonna be doing later that day. Then as I was walking away, she asked "so we're gonna go to that place (date) next week?" Then I followed up and said "yes, definitely " while walking away still thinking I got rejected. But I then thought , wait a min, she did give an alternative, yet no specific time or date. What do you think? Was this another rejection or was she simply being honest and wanted to try things out?


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  • Hmmm 6 months is a long time but it's good that she brought it up. Maybe she wants to really hang out now. Give it a try.


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  • While it could be a rejection it would be a very careless one to set a possible time and bring it up herself. I think it's definitely worth giving her the benefit of the doubt and bringing it up the next week. If she puts it off again, they it's probably gone far enough. Even then you can leave an opening by suggesting that she let you know when she's free. If she really was too busy she might ask you. If not, you know it was a rejection.