Ladies simple question?

I got in shape (lost weight & gained muscles) and bought a 80k bmw car because i deserve it. I went to a grocery store and in the parking lot i saw a stunning blonde on talking on her phone just standing on the entrance. She started looking at me as soon as i pulled up on the parking lot. I then got out of my car and she was still starring at me. I then walked inside the store and i looked back to see if she was still standing there and she was STILL STARRING. I got done with my shopping and was at the cashier booth and she was still starring!. She then left and i left too.

I'm 23 and she was at least 50. Point is do you think she liked what she saw? i ask only because next time it happens i will make a move but before i do i thought i asked this for future ref.


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  • Yea I am guess so! I would be stare at you too. haha

  • No she sees $$$$$$ don't do it


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