Long distance relationship?

My boyfriend and I've been dating for 9 months and I love him more than anyone and I know he feels the same but yesterday he told me that his proffesor (he goes to university, we go to the same university actually) said that he should go to France again and do staj there (staj is kind of a thing that happens in our university and its too long to explain, I hope you know what it means tho) for 3 months and we will have to have a long distance relationship which is not gonna be easy at all but we of course have to try and I've never been in one before just like him and I dont know how its gonna work. Do you have any tips? Like how many times should we visit per a month? Should we face time every day? I really need your advices

By the way: it says that im under 18 but im 18 i just wrote my age wrong while signing up lol
And sorry for writing so long


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  • You should believe that it will work. The rest needs to be discussed with your guy through conversation.


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  • Long distance relationships are hard, but if you truly love the other person they're worth it. Skyping (or an equivalent) helps and there's an app called Couple specifically for long distance couples. How often you talk really depends on you two. Some couples prefer to talk every day and some are okay with every few days.