Why is she acting this way?

My girlfriend and I are on a break and she has said she still has feelings for me (during the break multiple times) but wants to say her final opinion on the agreed date we talk our relationship over. We are both on a team and I am the team captain. I am already in the room where we all meet and she walks in, very awkwardly and tried to start random conversations with people awkwardly (no eye contact with me, she kind of always faced away from me and didn't acknowledge be until I smiled at her and she smiled back). Progressively as the meeting went on she started acting different. She is usually very reserved and quiet but she was acting very different this one meeting. She usually dresses in jeans and a button up shirt but today for the first time ever she came in sweat pants (ones that exposed some of her calf), a panda beanie, and a sweatshirt which she never ever does. I made a geeky joke with one of my friends and he didn't get it and she mumbled "No one understands". Which came across as kind of rude to me... And she kept talking to herself like (Oh my god why won't this work) and she put on her beanie indoors and I think she was trying to act cute or something or get my attention? I don't know? This is just me venting but does anyone have any ideas?


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  • You're definitely grasping at straws here to read into nothing. Chill.


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  • I don't think you should read too much into this. With the two of you getting together for the team while you're on the break, you are both bound to be awkward about it. Assuming the decision about getting back together isn't entirely on her shoulders, your energy is better spent thinking about that decision.