Is there any way to mend this relationship?

Two days ago, I messaged him asking if we could meet up before I moved. He asked me when I was leaving again, and then never replied. Hasn't said anything since yesterday.. why can't he just say he doesn't want to meet up instead of not replying I don't get it..

We hooked up a year ago, then dated for a bit (He asked me out), then contiued to just hook up because I went back to school, three hours away. At that point we didn't really talk about what we were or our feelings. I moved back a few months ago, but things felt different and I felt he didn't like me anymore, so we just continued to hookup, Id see him every weekend usually when we went out. He felt rejected by me because I refused to kiss him back and messaged him saying: “I liked him but we should just be friends” because I was angry. He was upset over that and ignored me.

We talked a month ago when we were drunk. He told me what I said really upset him. He opened up a lot to me and said he is scared of being hurt and rejected. I told him I really do like him and he said he liked me also. But Im moving away for work in a week. We slept together twice after that. But I slept with some else right after (I don’t know if he knows). Then found out he went on a date with some girl two weeks ago.. And then when I saw him two weekends ago he completely ignored me and avoided me... I really just wanted to have an honest conversation with him, apologize and explain, tell him I care about him and will miss him.


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  • its easy he has no deal its your deal that he has a problem with, you slept with him numerous times wihtout actually being in a relationship so he got nice sex with no strings attached , and then he went and found himself a girl willing to have a decent relationship , and to make it worse you refused to have anything with him and even slept with another guy... yeah i dont see whats his deal


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  • Forget him.
    Too many wholes and misunderstandings in the relationship.

    • Because we never talked about anything. I really do like him but Im just confused as hell

  • I think u can try to work things out it seems as though u two were lovers so u should really choose what kind of relationship would work the best!

    • I think we need some space now, so its good Im leaving. Then we can go from there. I really dont want to be with anyone else