I don't think I'm overreacting. .. I think I have a right to be mad?

I've been dating this guy exclusively for a couple months. I've met his family a few times and he even met my kids a few days ago. I asked him earlier in the week if he wanted to come to dinner for my mom's birthday and, by doing so, meet my family. He said ok. It's tomorrow and I just checked with him and he said now he can't because his dad just asked him to help on a job tomorrow.
I feel it's very last minute and he wasn't even saying anything until I brought it up. I already told my family all about him and that he was coming, and now I (or he) will look like an idiot. He's not the type to lie so I don't think he's making it up, but it still seems awfully "convenient " and, combined with what feels like disrespect and the lack of communication, I'm fuming right now. I haven't said anything at all to him yet though. This is still a new relationship; we've never had a fight and I don't want to mess things up. And I know I tend to react to things emotionally and I should wait til I calm down more. :) But I'm not sure how to handle this.


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  • When he dodged you should of straight up asked why he didn't give you some notice? Sort of last minute. put the ball in his court you still can, be like

    "Why didn't you tell me you couldnt come a bit earlier? My family was really looking forward to meeting you."

    It sounds like he could be having some second thoughts, but I can't speculate off of dodging a dinner time meal. Meeting a SO's family generally means things are getting pretty srs, but then again his dad might have prompted him last minute and he literally may have forgot, so who knows.

    either way, ask

  • That seems like a rotten thing to do especially since he knew that earlier in the week before his dad asked for help. It does seem convenient, but it could have been urgent. You should not make it an argument, but you should talk to him about it after cooling off a little

    • Sounds like he found out today, but not right when I asked him... I feel he at least should have brought it up with me as soon as he could instead of telling me when I finally asked.

    • Yeah that is quite true he should have communicated much better

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  • I understand you don't want to look like a angry bitch when you guys barely going out , but I think you should definitely let him know how you feel or why didn't he let you know. Just like you said lack of communication so don't do it twice talk to him and let him what you think is best for him to know.