Why is it hard to tell if sometimes if a girl just wanna be friends or something more?

I would like to get a female prospective on this because sometimes a girl gives you a lot of signs that she likes you but then it turns out she just wants to be friends.. Or does sometimes she gives you signals and wants you to make a move and if you don't make a move she puts you in the friend category like I'm confused because I have this friend who I've had a crush on since the 8th grade I'm 20 now and you know with a crush you kinda of overthink everything and thinks that she might like you.. we hung out it seemed like she flirted a little but I'm not sure if she likes me we've known each other since the 8th grade and since she's my crush like my real crush I've liked her since the first time I seen her I'm scared to tell her how I really feel I told her I had a crush on her but I'm not even sure if she even remembers me telling her because it was like 2 months before we even hung out I'm so scared to tell her over the phone I rather tell her in person but I go to school out of state I'm just out of it I'll see her next week and have no clue how to bring it up. I'm gonna ask her out but like if I say can I take you out will she understand I'm taking her on a date or not I don't know I just wanna see if it can go somewhere if she we don't work out we don't work out but I just wanna be closer and have no clue how to do it without messing up what we could have


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  • A girl who is romantically interested will in general make more effort. She'll compliment you. Touch you. Try to see you often. Text you often. I don't make nearly as much of a effort with casual guy friends as I would with a crush or boyfriend. If you want her to know it's a date then say can I take you out on a date! Think of it this way.. if she really likes you she will be thrilled. If she doesn't, she could be hesitant and then you basically don't have to go the extra mile only to find out she's not interested. It's a win-win situation


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  • Here's where you mess up: you think too much about it. The answer is clear as day to your problem - make a move and find out what she's about. You're not going to achieve that by logically tackling the problem.