Living with an unstable person?

My older sister is mentally insane, she is 29 and thinks she can run the house, she is extremely disrespectful and aggresive, she still lives at home and is unable to keep a job. She used to be extremely aggresive towards us and its because of her I am feeling really restless and feel fearful, she used to bully and thinks she can get away with it. She only thinks about herself and NEVER thinks she is in the wrong, she has no social life or friends and hasn't worked in years. She locks herself up in her room all day, talking to god and listen to preachers. She still picks fights with my mom, but my mom won't kick her out. I stopped arguing with her three years ago and just stopped talking to her. What kind of disease does she have? Living in this house has made life a bit unbearable for me and school too. She is always screams. Im 23 and I need my degree first in order to leave home so its easier for me to find a job.


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  • she sounds mentally ill take her too the hospital too get checked out

  • She has a metal illness, and you are being selfish and ableist.


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