How do you feel about a guy like this and how can I help him?

Well I have a guy friend who's been trying to get a girlfriend for the longest time but here's the problem he's very picky. And I mean picky as in, he says that he wants his future girlfriend to be hispanic, have long thick black hair, has to be 5'6'' or shorter, she needs to know Spanish, she has to have a big ass and C-cups boobs, she has to like hispanic music, she has to be Cuban apparently, and so many other stuff that I keep telling him that;s probably why he hasn't had a girlfriend yet and that he should like a girl for who she is insted of what she has and doesn't have. And on top of that, whenever a girl is actually interested in him, he'll hurt their feelings by telling them what he doesn't like about them. Examples like, "You're flat-chested.", "You're too fat." etc. And he gets mad at me when I call him an ass for it that he could of just said that he's not interested that's all. And he's mad because I'm dating his best friend and we've been trying to help him out on what you say and don't say at all of he wants a girlfriend that badly.


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  • Sometimes I wonder when a guy is that specific about a girl is if he is maybe self sabotaging his own efforts because he too scared to be in a relationship.

  • He get's what he deserves. If he won't "settle" he'll never get a girl, and that's his own fault. There are many great women out there in all shapes and sizes, what's wrong with trying something new? But if he remains stubborn, then he'll stay single. Choices and consequences.


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