I'm worried about my relationship. Trust issues. Does he love me? Or am I just a number?

He always says that he only lives for me, I'm the only girl he loves and that if something has to happen to me he'll kill himself. That makes me feel like he loves me BUT then my girl friend put a quote collage on her dp and the one pic said that "you know you are his only girl when your name is his status" i never thought of it before but he never has my name in his status, it's just a point or a blank. I assumed his display pics are his "status" because he has a lot of relationship stuff there but never about me. Is he cheating? should i worry, do something about it? Thanks in advance


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  • Words words words... What about his actions?


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  • Whoa there, Nelly. Jumping to a lot of conclusions based on a meme.

    Do kids still do statuses? What app do you use now? When I was in high school we used MSN messenger. In any case, his not putting your name as his status does not mean he's cheating. You're reading far too much into that.

    However, if you want him to put your name as his status, make his name YOUR status, and he should follow suit.

    • We're on whatsapp. What if i make my status his name but he doesn't? I once made my dp "J♡N" my first letter and his... he didn't do anything...

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    • This might sound crazy but how/what do i say? Do i go like "does any girls flirt with you? do they know you're mine" or "do u flirt with some girls"?

    • "It would make me feel a lot more secure if you would acknowledge our relationship somehow on WhatsApp."


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