Guys what does your girlfriend do that makes you smile? Guys (and girls) what do u think would make a girl a better gf?

Just wondered what your gfs and what you girls do to make bfs smile ((:


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  • Small things - cuddling in my arms out of nowhere while I'm doing something, sending me a sweet SMS while at work, waking me up with a kiss. Being playful and teasing while we're out. Belive it or not when in serious relationship everything related to sex is not nearly as important as those little sweet gestures.

    • I really wanted to cuddle my boyfriend last time I saw him but he was playing a game and I didn't want to bug him so I leant on his shoulder instead and he smiled and slowly turned to me saying "You're leaning on my shoulder" but then he said I might want to move because he was going to play a violent game and didn't want to swing his elbow out and hit me or anything so I never did get a hug in the end :/

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    • Yeah he's a gamer, he likes his Xbox. He tries to get me to play sometimes as well or gives me his PS Vita to go on. One time I went round he sat me on his lap while I was playing the Vita and he was on Xbox. I sort of got my cuddle then so didn't mind too much.

    • @StewieRH Thank you, ;)

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  • Begin postive and encouraging!


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