How long is a break specifically?

She is under a lot of stress. She said she just wants a break. She agreed to keep hanging out with me and to keep talking to me, just no kissing, holding hands, that sorta thing. She also agreed not to tell anyone about our break to avoid any interference of other guys. I just don't know what to do. I told her I wouldn't make a move to hold her hand or kiss her unless she wanted it, to respect her space. Is there hope for us? We have been dating for a year.


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  • There really isn't time it gradually happens over time if you get back together, however I really don't get the purpose of still hanging out on a break unless you two want to work on getting back together, I find it harder. That's what me and my ex did eventually we started sleeping with wachother and by the end of 6 months I was so sure we were back together however his end was different


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  • I never understood this stupid 'break' mentality. Look, either you two sort out your problems or you're just not meant to be. Taking a break is the same as running from your problems which doesn't fix them. So when you 'come back' they will just reappear again eventually.

  • As long as she needs. If she's not out to attract attention from other guys you're cool... I think..