How can I put myself out there, if all I want is to be with him?

it's hard for me to put myself out there, because all i can think about is how i would rather be with the guy i love instead. we both love each other, but he's not ready for something right now, so i told him i dont want to talk and that we should move on. i regret doing this, and now i feel like im stuck and have to force myself to go out and find other people to date, but i just can't do it because he is what i think about and want to be with when im out. i wish i could put myself out there more, i never go looking for guys, and i guess thats my issue. it makes me feel bad because i feel like so many of my friends have boyfriends or put themselves out there dating, but i just can't get myself to use a dating app or anything like that. what do i do in this situation?


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  • Never try to date someone when your heart is really with someone else, you'll only end up hurting the guy and that's not fair on him...


What Girls Said 1

  • If you're not ready to date yet, then don't force yourself. Take some time to heal and focus on you.